Contract Disputes & Litigation

If you or someone you know is involved in a contract dispute or a breach of contract, it can be difficult to navigate the complex legal process of contract litigation without the assistance of a knowledgeable contract litigation attorney. Contact the contract litigation lawyers at the Smith & Haskell Law Firm, LLP to discuss the details of your situation to understand your legal rights and option.

Most business transactions today require a contract component. Depending on their subject matter, contracts may be verbal or in writing. When one party to the contract fails to honor its contractual obligations, the result is a breach of contract resulting in a contract dispute. Contract disputes regarding the terms or fulfillment of a contract often arise while conducting business. Some contract disputes can be resolved without legal intervention; however, it is more common and necessary for businesses to seek legal representation to resolve the dispute. The contract litigation lawyers at the Smith & Haskell Law Firm, LLP will work with you to represent you and your contract dispute.

A contract dispute or breach of contract can impact a company’s operations and hinder the ability of a company to conduct future business. Immediate and strategic action is necessary to mitigate the negative impact to the company image and / or future earnings. If you are involved in a contract dispute as a result of another company failing to honor the business agreement or you are accused of failing to fulfill the terms of contract, contact a contract litigation lawyer at the Smith & Haskell Law Firm, LLP.

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